Nightwear collection: 

Ann Vogue is a NY-based design house specializing in exclusive high-end sleepwear. Glamour, seduction and refined elegance are at the heart of all that we create, accompanied by extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail. Perfect for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, the Ann Vogue collection was created to transform every night into an enchanting experience. Our designs are ageless, seasonless, and have been referred to as unique works of art. Our pieces will never go out of style and will continue to be a treasured part of your wardrobe for years to come.

We utilize only the finest silks, French laces and ribbons. Each garment is cut and sewn separately in a lovely sample room in the heart of Manhattan. Only a few pieces of each style are produced to maintain the exclusivity of this collection. We also cater to personal orders if a client would like to have a garment made in their specific size or style.

Beach Party:

The Beach Party collection was designed to take you to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Islands. Just imagine yourself walking along the clear blue water wearing a flowing cover up or a sarong. The prints and colors we’ve chosen for this collection are sophisticated and timeless so that you will look perfectly elegant all day and all night.

Enjoy and celebrate…there’s always a Beach Party somewhere!

From the Creative Director:

One of my very first memories from my childhood was of my grandmother sitting at her old mechanical Singer sewing machine, pushing the pedal and navigating fabric under the needle with both hands. I watched her transform plain pieces of material into magnificent dresses. At night, the sound of that machine became my lullaby. It was not long before curiosity pushed me to explore this mysterious contraption.

At that time I was 2 ½ years old and could barely see the top of the table. One day, I reached out over my head and pressed the pedal. Suddenly, the needle came down and pierced my finger. Grandma came running into the room as I yelled, “Grandma, I sewed myself down”. This was the tumultuous start of my career in fashion.

My grandmother was my inspiration and served as an example of dedication to the trade. She taught me how to embroider fine silks, make hems and attach laces by hand. Before I knew it, there wasn’t a creative project that I could not handle on my own. Sewing became my long time passion, hobby and eventually my chosen profession.

During my high school years I attended every sewing and patternmaking class I could find and also took private drawing lessons. After school the obvious choice for me was to enroll at the Fashion Institute of Technology in St. Petersburg, Russia. I graduated and soon found a job in a small tailoring shop.

In 1989, I moved my family from Russia to New York City. Shortly thereafter, I began taking classes at the Mayer School of Fashion Design and after graduation enrolled in the Patternmaking program at Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. My schedule consisted of working during the day, going to college at night, and sewing custom holiday dresses at home until the morning hours. I saw my son only on the weekends, as he was asleep by the time I came home from college.

I’ve been in fashion now for 22 years and worked for several major design houses in New York City. Even though I had accomplished everything that I had hoped to achieve, something was still missing. I was ready to start a journey of my own and put into work everything I’ve learned over the years. My decision was made very quickly. I left my job and founded my own fashion design house: Ann Vogue, Inc.

I wanted to recreate a nearly forgotten process to make every garment special and unique. When I first came across a vintage chemise made at least 100 years ago, I noticed that the entire garment was completely sewn by hand; the little stitches at the French seams were uniform and almost perfect, as was the handwork running along scalloped vintage laces. Only a very inquisitive eye would notice the slight variation in the size and direction of the stitches, which indicated that they were not done on a sewing machine. The seamstress who made this piece and the lady who wore it are long gone, but the garment still exists and doesn’t fail to inspire.

My pieces are made to be timeless and make women feel sexy and beautiful. As was done 100 years ago, I personally select all of the fabrics, laces and trims for my pieces. I use only the finest silk chiffon and charmeuse, French laces and ribbons. Each garment is cut and sewn separately in a lovely sample room in the heart of Manhattan, with me personally overseeing every step of the process.

From my Grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine to the small sewing shop in New York City, I feel that the Ann Vogue collection has been 100 years in the making and has finally come to fruition. It is my humble attempt to build a bridge between generations and keep alive the artistry of this almost forgotten trade.

Only a few pieces of each style are being produced to maintain the exclusivity of this collection. I also cater to personal orders if someone would like to have a garment in their specific size or style. More information can be found at




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